Snellville outside expert says Eastside Village plans consistent with Comp Plan

An outside consultant hired by the city of Snellville to review rezoning plans for Eastside Village told council members Wednesday night that the new community is consistent with the city’s comprehensive plan.

While not asked by council to provide an endorsement at this point, expert Megan Will said the comprehensive plan “supports” many aspects of the residential community planned by FrontDoor Communities and Lynwood Development Group.

Will should know. She helped draft the city’s 2030 Comprehensive Land Use Plan that was adopted five years ago.

In her remarks to council, Will highlighted several elements of the rezoning proposal that are consistent with the Comp Plan. Among them:

  • The new community provides numerous pedestrian connections and access.
  • The architecture of Eastside Village is “consistent with city’s architectural guidelines.”
  • Eastside Village will be a walkable community, which should attract active seniors who are seeking such amenities.
  • Attracting senior housing to Snellville is called for in the Comp Plan.
  • The new neighborhood will provide affordable housing for the city’s workforce.
  • Eastside Village will provide diversity in housing options, which the city desires.

Marian Adeimy, an attorney for Lynwood Development Group, said she was encouraged by the consultant’s remarks.

“It’s clear that many aspects of our project are consistent with the comprehensive plan,” she said. “We look forward to continuing to work with the city to achieve their goals for development and to make Eastside Village a reality for Snellville.”


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