From Abandoned Property to Thriving Neighborhood

Here’s what most people in Snellville don’t know about Eastside Village:

  • Our vibrant, walkable community will take the place of an overgrown, abandoned property left vacant for nearly 15 years.
  • A previous effort to turn this property into a senior housing development failed, leaving Snellville with nothing.
  • Eastside Village will transform what was planned as high-density senior housing into a significantly less dense and much more community-friendly residential neighborhood with high-end homes, attractive brownstones, and garden units.
  • Our plan is more community-friendly because it calls for 365 fewer units than what was originally approved – a 50 percent reduction in density.
  • Our plan is more community-friendly because it reduces traffic by 45 percent compared to the previously approved project.

Andalusia, Andalucia lifestyle   Erik Kellar Photography


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